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United States Postal Service
USPS Office of Inspector General
United States Postal Inspection Service
Postal Employees' Relief Fund
Postal Rate Commision

NALC National Links

National Association of Letter Carriers


NALC Branch Links

Branch 3 Buffalo, New York
Branch 8 Lincoln, NE
Branch 9 Minneapolis, MN
Branch 11 Chicago, IL
Branch 17 Scranton, Pennsylvania
Branch 36 Bronx & Manhattan, NY
Branch 38 New Jersey Merged
Branch 39 Indianapolis, IN
Branch 41 Brooklyn, New York
Branch 42 Jersey City, New Jersey
Branch 43 Cincinnati, OH
Branch 56 Grand Rapids, MI
Branch 78 Columbus, OH
Branch 100 Toledo, OH
Branch 105 Lima, OH
Branch 111 Salt Lake City, Utah
Branch 132 Dallas, TX
Branch 137 Hudson Valley, New York
Branch 157 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Branch 210 Rochester, New York
Branch 212 Lawrence, MA
Branch 214 San Francisco, California
Branch 238 Canton, OH
Branch 256 Flint, MI
Branch 283 Texas Merged
Branch 321 Northwest Florida
Branch 324 Greeley, CO
Branch 352 Central Iowa Merged
Branch 380 Trenton NJ
Branch 391 Bangor, ME
Branch 421 San Antonio, Texas
Branch 442 Spokane, Washington
Branch 462 Huntsville, AL
Branch 466 Lafayette, Indiana
Branch 540 Camden, NJ
Branch 576 Phoenix, AZ
Branch 599 Tampa, Florida
Branch 693 Westchester, New York
Branch 709 Reno, Nevada
Branch 725 Holmes, PA
Branch 764 Dedham, Maryland
Branch 769 Haddonfield, New Jersey
Branch 782 Golden Empire, California
Branch 828 South Central Indiana
Branch 908 South New Jersey Merged
Branch 909 Pendleton & Hermiston & Milton-Freewater, Oregon
Branch 1100 Southern California
Branch 1280 San Mateo. CA
Branch 1358 Tulsa, OK
Branch 1414 Bremerton, Washington
Branch 1439 Ontario & Cucamonga, California
Branch 1477 Largo, Florida
Branch 1690 West Palm Beach, Florida
Branch 2184 Western Wayne County, Michigan
Branch 2200 Pasadena, CA
Branch 3126 Royal Oak, MI
Branch 3825
Damascus, Gaithersburg, Germantown, & Rockville, Maryland
Branch 4319 Anchorage, Alaska
Branch 4498 - Coulee Dam, WA
Branch 4645 - Myrtle Beach, SC
Branch 4985 Juneau, Alaska
Branch 6000 Long Island Merged, New York

State Associations

California State Association of Letter Carriers
Colorado State Association of Letter Carriers
Florida State Association of Letter Carriers
Georgia State Association of Letter Carriers
Minnesota State Association of Letter Carriers
Montana State Association of Letter Carriers

Ohio State Association of Letter Carriers
Texas State Association of Letter Carrriers
Washington State Association of Letter Carriers


National Business Agents

Dale P. Hart- National Business Agent Region 1
Jim Williams National Business Agent Region 2
Barry Weiner National Business Agent Region 7
Matthew Rose National Business Agent Region 9
Tim O'Malley National Business Agent Region 12

Postal News and Information Links

The Federal Times
Postal Workers Online
Postal Employee Network
Federal Daily
Postal Watch
USPS LinkOnline
NALC Bulletin
NALC Latest News
Post Insight
USPS Latest News USPS News Postal News Letter Carrier News Postmaster News
NALC Contract Administration Unit News

Letter Carrier Website Links

BundlBustr Mail Carrier Accessory
Lomax McIntyre, Jr. Photographer website
Gary Mills Mailman Stuff website
The Disgruntled Postal Worker Zone
The Edison Underground
Going Postal: The Tip of the Iceberg
Mailman Rap
Postal and Disgruntled Employee Humor
Going Postal with Alex
Postal and Proud of It
Ed's Mail Bag
Letter Carrier Days Off Schedule

Government Agency Links

Department of Labor
National Labor Relations Board
US Office of Personnel Management
Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
Veterans Claims & Benefits Online
Free Federal Handbooks
Office of Worker's Compensation Program (OWCP)
Thrift Savings Plan
U.S House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
White House

Fun Sites

DPS Locator

Other Links


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